Locality is the first game project by Morphic Void.

What is Locality?

Locality takes place in a world where gravity is relative to objects and the player, not the world, where doorways don’t just lead into the next room but can transport you (and anything you are carrying) anywhere, at any orientation and size. Like Alice in Wonderland, big can become small and small can become big.  Walls and ceilings can become floors and objects can ‘fall’ sideways or upwards.

Locality presents you with a world of puzzles where manipulation of the orientation and size of both yourself and objects in the world is the key to your progress.

What was the inspiration for Locality?

The original idea started back in the mid-90’s with a combination of  a misunderstanding of the portal technique for optimizing rendering and collision detection and a fondness for M C Escher.

How long has Locality been in development?

Locality has been in development since November 2014.

What engine are you using?

Due to the nature of the environment required, Locality uses a completely custom engine. The engine has been built with an understanding of the architecture of the current generation of consoles (PS4 and XBoxOne) with an expectation that the game will be released on those platforms in addition to PC.

How is development being funded?

To date, Locality has been self funded and it is possible that it will continue to be so, but I am also investigating crowd funding and Venture Capital.

When will Locality be released?

Locality is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2016.


Opening doors into other worlds